Welcome to Hinovations Art Studio

Being able to think creatively will distinguish your child from others. An Arts Program teaches a student

to approach tasks from different perspectives. A child is able to step out of its comfort zone and allows him/her to make mistakes and learn from them.  This process gives children the confidence to exhibit their emotions and feelings.  Art Training will boost self confidence, help deal with problem solving, keep consistent and focused, learn to receive constructive feedback and motivate dedication. 

Our Beginning


Hinovations began as a seed project in 2001 for the purpose of serving as a private art studio and small art gallery and has grown to encourage and develop the study of Fine Arts with In-house Art Workshops for young children and adults, and has extended with an nutreach Program to serve students in the Elementary Level.  The objective of our hard work is to apply the gained knowledge to practical life, advancing general learning and beautifying the senses.


The continued Support of the Community and Partnerships allows the Gallery to serve as a platform for artists, poets, writers, performers and participants from all socioeconomic groups.  


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Art Classes for Kids & Adults


The Arts Enable us to have Experience we can have from no other source and through such experience to Discover the range and variety of what we are capable of Feeling.


Hinovations Art Gallery offers an After School Program "Think Like Da Vinci" designed to:


  • Encourage Art Appreciation

  • Increase Fine Motor Skils

  • Demonstrate Criticial Thinking

  • Enhance Problem Solving

  • Proficient at reading, writing and math

  • Develop Creativity to name a few...


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Services Offered:
  • Art Classes - After School Art Program

  • Summer ArtVentures Art Classes

  • Power Painting

    • Painting Party for Kids & Adults

    • Parent Volunteer Appreciation

    • Teacher Appreciation

    • Painting for Funds

    • Painting with Friends

  • Outreach Program-Art on the Move

    • Art Through the Ages

    • Painting for Teachers or Parent Volunteers

    • School Tours with Art Activity

    • Career Day

  • Home School Art Through the Ages Program

  • Art Gallery-Original Artwork

    • Original artwork for Home or Office

    • Custom made artwork

    • List of working artists

Outreach Program


Hinovations Art Gallery strives to offer superior educational programs designed to inspire curiosity, encourage investigation, and motivate academic knowledge and independent art studies. 


Art studies allow young learners to build self-confidence, strengthen problem solving skills, allow for collaborative opportunities, and to express themselves creatively.  Art allows individuals to be able to think on their feet, approach tasks from different perspectives and think outside the box. 


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Complimentary Class


Meet the Instructor and the Art Studio.  

First time students are welcome to stop by for a complimentary class.  


Call to book a Complimentary Art Day for child to explore our art program.

Contact Gallery Director, Raquel Hinojosa at 956-309-8352 for more information


Complimentary Class applies to

After-School Art Program and excludes Summer ArtVentures or Special Workshops.


Painting Party


Hinovations Art Gallery provides a warm and cozy environment for a Painting Party Experiece for small parties of up to 12 participants.  


Additional Power Painting Workshops


  • Teacher Appreciation

  • Parent Volunteer Appreciation

  • Power Painting for Funds

  • Painting with Friends


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