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Painting Workshops for Children, Adults and Organizations

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Arte-Mio Painting Party for Kids & Adults

Immerse yourself in the artistic ambiance of the gallery, surrounded by inspiring works of art. The gallery's unique atmosphere will fuel your imagination and set the perfect stage for an evening of self-expression.

Professional artists will be your mentors for the evening, guiding you through the creation of a masterpiece step by step. Whether you're a seasoned painter or picking up a brush for the first time, our skilled instructors will ensure you feel inspired and confident.

  • $320 for 8 Participants.

  • Private Art Gallery for 3 hours

  • Choice of Artwork or Gallery Instructor can Suggest Artwork

  • Minimum 8 guests Maximum 12 guests.

Please call for Availability of dates at 956 309 8352

Arte-Mio Expressive Session Painting Class at your School


Celebrate the work of your Teachers, Volunteers and Student Achievements with a Painting Experience.  

Connect with fellow teachers in a supportive and understanding environment. Share stories, insights, and coping mechanisms as you paint alongside colleagues who understand the unique demands of the teaching profession.

Experience the therapeutic benefits of art as a means of self-care. Painting allows you to externalize your feelings and gain a new perspective on personal and professional challenges. Use color and form to convey your unique narrative.

  • Workshops take place at your school or site.  

    • 2 hr workshop any time during the day.

    • Minimum of 30, Maximum of 50 participants.

    • All painting materials are supplied.


Contact us at 956-309-8352 for Available Days or Additional Information. 

Power Painting for Fund Raising

Need to raise funds for your organization or business?

Contact Hinovations Art Gallery to create a fun event which will engage your audience and supporters with a rewarding experience.  We can manage Groups of up to 50 during a 3 to 4 hour painting session.


For more information contact Gallery Director, Raquel Hinojosa at 956-309-8352.


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