Power Painting for Kids and Adults

Painting Party for Kids & Adults

Celebrate with Originality!  Book a Painting Party for you or your child.  

Painting Party for Kids

  • $280 for 8 Kids 

  • $350 for 10 Kids 

  • Private Art Gallery for 4 hours

  • Choice of Artwork or Gallery Instructor can Suggest Artwork

  • Minimum 8 guests Maximum 12 guests.


Painting Party for Adults

  • $320 for 8 Adults 

  • $400 for 10 Adults

  • Private Art Gallery for 4 hours

  • Choice  of Artwork or Gallery Instructor can Suggest Artwork.

  • Minimum 6 guests Maximum 10 guests.

Entire services may not load on mobile device.  Visit our desktop website for complete services.


Teacher & Parent Appreciation Painting 

Celebrate the work of Parent Volunteers and Teachers with a Painting Experience.  


Hinovations Art Gallery will provide a fun painting experience for beginners or participants with some painting skills.  Our Staff excel at their teaching abilities and will put all participants at ease while creating an original work of art. 

Call for more information and to learn about the special rate for schools.


  • Workshop takes place at your school

  • 2 hr workshop any time during the day

  • Custom-made painting of your choice or consult on desired work

  • All painting materials are supplied

  • Minimum 30 Maximum 50 participants


Contact us at 956-309-8352 for Available Days or Additional Information. 

Power Painting for Funds

Need to raise funds for your organization or business?

Contact Hinovations Art Gallery to create a fun event which will engage your audience and supporters with a rewarding experience.


For more information contact Gallery Director, Raquel Hinojosa at 956-309-8352.