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Art on the Move Outreach Program

Art Through the Ages

Hinovations strives to offer superior educational programs designed to inspire curiosity, encourage investigation, and motivate academic knowledge and independent art studies. 


Art studies allow young learners to build self-confidence, strengthen problem solving skills, allow for collaborative opportunities, and to express themselves creatively.  Art allows individuals to be able to think on their feet, approach tasks from different perspectives and think outside the box. 


Email Gallery Director, Raquel Hinojosa at to request Art on the Move proposal and complete list of services offered to schools. 

Power Painting for Teachers & Parent Volunteers

Looking for a fun activity to reward your Teachers and/or Parent Volunteers?

Power Painting is a unique and fun experience.  Participants feel excited and accomplished after completing a step-by-step original work of art. 


Click on the image to read full details.   Hinovations will bring the Painting Session to your school.

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