Summer ArtVentures 2019 Classes for Kids & Adults


Summer Art Camps provide children with creative fun ways to engage their imagination through visual art activities.  Hinovations Art Gallery offers plenty of cultural stimulation.  As kids create art, they will explore ideas, learn art vocabulary, and experiment with a variety of media as well as gain knowledge about other cultures and their art.  Each Session is thematic and taught by professional artists and teachers, in a positive and nurturing environment.

Art Around the World
for kids ages 4 - 10

  • Art of Italy, France, Greece and Spain Students will become familiar with the art of Italy, France, Greece and Spain.  They will explore the art of Leonardo da Vinci as they recreate famous works like the Mona Lisa in Modern Pop Style.  Kids will have fun painting French Cafes, French Pastries and coffee cups as we look at the art of France.  We will turn 3D Greek Sculptures into beautiful pastel and watercolor drawings.  And for Spain, we will look at the Art of Picasso’s “Bulls” and recreate them in fun and eclectic colors that makes for a spectacular collection.

  • Texas Impressions   Students will fall in love with our beautiful Lone Star State through the appreciation of Texas Landscape Art.  Each week of July we will look at a different Texas artist and their art styles.  Students will create a collection of paintings on paper focusing on our Texas views.  Week 5 will be a collection of Cactus paintings, Week 6 Fields of Bluebonnets, Week 7 Beach Scenes and Week 8 Missions of early Texas.

  • Recycled Art Works Students will appreciate how found and recycled objects can be made into art and will understand cultural differences regarding recycling.  We will use an array of plastic containers and other found objects to create Cool Mythical Creatures and Things. 

*Students signing up for Class 9 are asked to bring recycled plastics:   such as detergent bottles, shampoo, conditioner, lotion bottles etc.  Please make sure they are empty and clean.

Time:  Monday thru Thursday from 9am – 12pm OR 1pm – 4pm

Tuition Cost:  $95 child/per class.  Materials provided plus light snack.  


  • Class 1 June 3 - 6, “The Art of Italy Leonardo Da Vinci’s Classical Art, drawing & painting

  • Class 2    June 10 – 13, “The Art of France” French Cafes & such, painting on paper

  • Class 3    June 17 – 20, “The Art of Greece” Greek Sculpture to Drawing, drawing

  • Class 4    June 24 – 27, “The Art of Spain”, The Great Pablo Picasso, drawing

  • Class 5    July 1 – 4, “Texas Cactus” The Art of Dawson-Dawson Watson, painting

  • Class 6    July 8 – 11, “Bluebonnet Fields” The Art of Porfirio Salinas, painting

  • Class 7    July 15 – 18, “Texas Beach” The Art of Paul Schumann, painting

  • Class 8    July 22 - 25, “Texas Missions”  The Art of Theodore Gentilz, painting

  • Class 9    July 29 –1 “Plastic Art”, Mythical Creatures, sculpture

  • Students signing up please bring recycled plastics.  See note

  • Class 10  Aug 5 – 8, “Cardboard Art”, Creatures and Things, sculpture


Register for ALL Classes @956-309-8352 


No Reservations will be taken without Payment. 

Payments: cash, check, PayPal or credit card.


Student Exhibition in August

Students will be recognized for their hard work by having one of their Works of Art be part of the Summer Student Exhibition. 


Join us for the Exhibit Party

August 2, 2019

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Around the Wold Art Workshops


Drawing & Painting for Youth


Photorealism Drawing and Painting


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Drawing & Painting for Youth
for kids ages 10 - 17

Drawing & Painting for Youth


Calling all Pre-Teens and Teens who are eager to express themselves CREATIVELY and have FUN in the process!  Graffiti and Muralist Artist Lupe Hernandez will instruct the young learners in three specific art styles.  Students can explore Basic Cubism as they create compositions like Toys and Bubble Heads.  Another area to explore is Geometric Abstraction-which is very expressive, colorful and will include topics like Lettering and Vehicles.  Super Hero Art never fails to satisfy the Kids.  It continues to be popular with the Students and they get to create and dream big.  Choose one of the topics in our Summer Calendar to engage your Kids in Educational Activities.


Time:  Monday thru Thursday from 9am – 12pm OR 1pm – 4pm

Tuition Cost:  $95 child/per class.  Materials provided plus light snack.  


  • Class 1 June 3 - 6, “Cubism” Animals in Parts, drawing & painting

  • Class 2    June 10 – 13, “Cubism” Toys and Fun, painting on paper

  • Class 3    June 17 – 20, “Cubism” Super Heroes, drawing & painting on paper

  • Class 4    June 24 – 27, “Cubism”, Bubbleheads, drawing on paper

  • Class 5    July 1 – 4, “Geometric Abstraction” Lettering and Calligraphy, drawing

  • Class 6    July 8 – 11, “Geometric Abstraction” Animal Power, painting on paper

  • Class 7    July 15 – 18, “Geometric Abstraction”    Cool Cars, painting on paper

  • Class 8    July 22 - 25, “Super Hero Art” Emblems and Shields, painting on paper

  • Class 9    July 29 – 1, “Super Hero Art”, Bubblehead Super Heroes, drawing & painting

  • Class 10  Aug 5 – 8, “Super Hero Art”, Super Hero Animals, painting on paper

Photorealism Drawing & Painting
for kids ages 10 - 17 & Adults

​Photorealism Drawing for Kids ages 12 - 17

Photorealism is a genre or type of art that encompasses painting, drawing and other graphic media, in which an artist studies a photograph and then attempts to reproduce the image as realistically as possible in another medium.  This is a class geared for students with art experience who wish to sharpen their pencil or painting skills.  We will create a collection of drawings using professional pencils and high-grade paper and one painting.

Raquel Hinojosa to teach the Drawing Class for Youth

Lupe Hernandez will teach the Painting Class for Adults


Drawing for Youth, 1:00pm – 3:00pm.  $110 for 4 Days.

Painting for Adults, 1:00pm – 3:00pm.  $110 for 4 Days.


Class 1:  June 15, 22, 29, 6

Class 2:  July dates to be announced.